Web platform
  • Delete and edit matches “Teampage” and “Scouting” – Picture
  • Remove players and default Talent ID’s from team selection – Picture
  • Option to comment on a players selection – Picture
  • You can now add general matchnote and location – Picture
  • Scout and assign player positions no matter the chosen formation – Picture
  • Brand new search menu with optimised search function and overview – Video
  • Deactivation of clubs, leagues, positions and activities that is no longer in use – Picture
  • Categories on skills are now visible on Talent ID’s – Picture
  • Clubsign on players profile – Picture
4Scout App
  • Add players from multiple clubs on the same match – Picture
  • Scout and assign player positions no matter the chosen formation – Picture
  • You can now add general matchnote and location  – Picture
  • Text search on leagues – Picture
  • Optimised comments and rating-sliders
  • Edit and delete comments on Talent ID’s – Picture
  • The pitch has been optimised to perform better in sunlight – Picture
  • Matchdetails are now accessible while in a scoutingtask (tap the shield) – Picture
  • Optmised overview of the scouted players in the “Done-tap” – Picture
4Coach App
  • Watch and add testresults – Video
  • Update and edit player attendance on trainingsessions – Video
  • Add activities to an existing trainingsession  – Video
  • Optimised comments and rating-sliders
  • New overview gives the coach optimised team and activity overview – Picture
  • Faster navigation between players – Picture
  • Different calendar views are now available – Watch the calendar in 4Coach
4Player App
  • Players can now control their own attendance marked as “Attending”, “Not attending”, “injured” or “sick” and attach a comment – Video
  • Optimised comments and rating-sliders
  • Optimised calendar view
  • Add activities on selftraining
  • Add own testresult and watch progress (soon available on web too)
  • Notifications on upcomming trainingsessions and matches- accessible through the players notificationfeed
  • Players can now see a detailed description of upcomming trainingsessions



  • Fixed error when uploading videos. The computer will no longer enter sleepmode while uploading.
  • Made design optimisations on players profile- page due feedback from customers  
4Scout App
  • Optimised performance (Working on improving it further more)
  • After tapping ”Done” you are now navigated back to the list of matches
  • Smaller grafical optimisations
  • Fixed error when creating 2 new clubs while creating a match 
4Coach App

4Player App
  • Fixed error with missing Talent ID from assigned tasks 


Coming soon