Web platform
  • Customise scouting language (cult + key+graduation) ((!!NOTICE – as an introduction of customization of cultural values and abilitygruops you are not able to delete newly created categories. Be sure before you add))  – see video below
  • Test results has been available on the 4Player and 4Coach App for a while – now results are also available/visible on the player profile page – See video below


4Player & 4Coach App
  • Development plans – Coachs and players can now setup development plans in collaboration with each other – watch video below


  • Scout informers flagged as “Restrict access” is no longer able to assign scouting task for other users
  • Optimized filtering: All Matches – All tasks – My tasks on the Scouting list 
4Scout App
  • Search for players during af scouting task is no longer limited by the chosen formation meaning it now also search for players which is registered without position.

    Coming soon

    • Here is a short teaser on the design of the new calendar coming out soon. Stay tuned!