Web platform
  • New area under Talent Management section introducing digital versioning of Curriculum’s across your organisation.
  • From calendar when planning your training activities you can now use the principles from the curriculum associated to the age group/team your prioritising for.
  • On training and test sessions, you can now recur all session specific content and thereby enabling easy way to build a complete plan for the next cycle for either training, test or even meetings. Making it very easy to build your required organisational structure, and getting all participants engaged across all these activities.
  • Scouting features has been enhanced with improved features:
  • Rating on matches, are now shown in player list on both scouting tasks and player list 
  • Print reports now includes overall assessments and an optimised output in the design
  • Player search has been updated with more advanced criteria for filtering players
  • Enabling feature to add video on individual players match reports
  • Target team incl. formation overview for all players listed in each target team
  • Bulk add/remove players from team lists, incl. introducing option the change age group for all players or specific players in a team. Especially handy when rolling seasons a making sure player history is kept secure
  • Significant optimisations to team page performance and stability, incl. removing appointed players
  • Watch tutorial below for a quick guide of the new area “Curriculum” available for organisations who have upgraded to the Elite Planning module.

 OBS: When updating the teams, it is important not only rename the team, as this will effect the insight performance clock – since the history for a players team association and level with be invalid when doing that. However before this feature you had to remove all players and then add them afterward one-by-one. THEREFORE we created a functionality making sure you are all able to handle your data as sufficient and effectively as possible. Please feel free to give us feedback when working with this.

To ease team administration when handling both regular teams with in an academy and target team for overview of recruitment, we have created a new functionality on the assessment index page for each team in your account. Here you can first of all view the team in your preferred formation (hence we will soon remove the “old” target team functionality, as this is a replacement and optimisation), and even choose the priority for each player. When clicking “Manage team members”  you can:

  • Add new members in bulk, by searching and finding the relevant ones from your database
  • Move players from one team to another, very useful when players move up to next level
  • Change players age groups for all team members in few clicks, also when useful when season is switching

Please see video below for a quick guide of the new advanced option.

4Scout App

Remember to download the latest version of 4Scout on AppStore and Google Play

  • Now all matches are easy to get an overview using the optimised calendar in the app, incl. possibility to “Favourite” a particular league
  • The pitch layout has been modified, and a vertical scroll option has been introduced to ease navigation between home and away team, and optimising the entire overview of the game
  • Substitute section has been introduced below pitch, when ever a players get’s substituted he is still kept in pitch view however below the pitch for fielded players
  • Notifications for scouts are now introduced, so when a tasks is assigned to other that user it self, a notification will be sent
  • Improved search criteria making it easier to find all ready logged players from previous reports
  • Stabilised android version for latest Android OS, ensuring app does not crash
4Coach and 4Player App

Remember to download the latest version of 4Coach and 4Player on AppStore and Google Play

  • Now players and coaches can create sessions directly from app
  • When players creates it will be logged as a self training, making it possible for players to add these to their individual performance clock
  • Coaches and other staff users can create training and test, making it practical to add all basic training data incl. inviting players for the session. However more elite features like Load, Learning principles, Intensity and Focus are still managed from the web login but made visible to get an overview of in the app for all users.
  • Upload video for your various training activities, keeping track of improvements made by team or an individual player
  • Matches are now visible in player app, and as long a players gets appointed to a match he will be made aware of with a notification enabling both reflections and evaluations on players performance and optimise feedback on team performance


  • Ability to manage series for all sessions (Training, Tests & Meetings)
  • Print sessions are now possible on new session planing feature – using the “Tools” option
  • Create new player with adding a scout report first – this is done from players list
  • Navigation in calendar is optimised, keeping track of the previous month
  • Test data input can now be logged for not participating players, with out adding a “zero” value for the date of the test/meassurement
  • PDF-report for players includes cult assessments and general match notes plus margins are now correct when printing
  • Applied sorting on all fields in: (Admin, Talent ID, Curriculum, Session planing, Team page, Profile list and Profile Page)
  • Optimised UI for showing Cult and Key abilities in 360 radar chart
  • Added progress calculation on test/measurement input on each player
  • Player list now sorts on all data, and not only preloaded players
  • Enabled coach responsible on team, making it possible to ensure which coach should get notification for team players dev goals
  • Improved UI for showing long skills in the evaluation window when scouting or viewing logged reports
  • Player numbers are now saved when creating new players in scouting
  • Added target team under the team section, while removing old target team functionality
  • The list is not a full representation of all the work that has been done, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you might miss any thing…
4Scout App
  • Adding players from other clubs than the match represent, especially relevant for national games or talent gatherings
  • When searching players, making sure they are placed in correct position placeholders in search result page
  • Making sure users with restricted access is able to view player info with in their restrictions, making sure users not unnecessarily creates duplicates
  • Various performance and stability issues has been addressed for both iOS and Android version, however this will still be closely monitored ensuring overall product stability

Coming soon


  • Soon players will be able to add overall LOAD on their team sessions training activities incl. basic reflections on their session
  • Dev Goal will be updated to make it even simpler to add activities like self training and video to the action plan for each goal
  • Expected release for above features end July 2020
  • Enabling video in trainings either upload from app, or uploaded to web session view
  • Profile page updated incl. enabling notes, tasks and injuries incl. uploading documents to each on the “new profile page”
  • Insight dashboard for both team and individual performance clock will be updated with curriculum, load data from your periodisation across teams
  • Introducing an optimised user management enabling various HR-features aligned with DBU licens structure on key areas like:
  • HR and Organisational development making the platform 100% compliant with the danish license structure
  • Expected release for above features end July 2020